Features Of Plate filter Press Machine

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  1. Features Of Plate filter Press Machine

    1) Modern plate filter press machine is fully automated, energy saving

    The most critical point in filter press automation is that the de-water sludge cake must be water-separated completely. Because the machine uses a single-motion filter bag and a high-pressure pneumatic press air. So the sludge cake after dehydrating can be completely separated. That is why complete automation is possible. And the machine will operate optimally when there are fluctuations in pH concentration or sludge properties.
    2) Save human resources, speed up progress

    The plater filter press machine has automatic mechanisms such as: separating the sludge, cleaning, washing … It is this automatic design of the machine that shortens the working time. For example: the time it takes for the worker to pull apart the heavy plate frame. Or the washing machine will take more labor and longer than the automatic mode of the press. If the above steps are made by hand, it is very inconvenient for businesses to operate continuously at large capacity.
    3) High de-water performance

    Thanks to the use of the top feed type and the high pressure press (120 – 210 bar). So the mud cake has a low and homogeneous water content. Moisture after pressing pulp reaches 25 – 30%
    4) Safety for workers

    The application of the plate filter press machine is very safe for chemical factories, solvents, printing inks, tanning, textile, paint, food … Because the sludge of this unit contains toxic substances. . So when exposed to directly or through the air, it affects the health of workers
    5) Long term cost savings

    Compared with other types, the plate filter press machine use less polymer (slurry flocculation) about 30%.
    The sludge after pressing has a high dryness, and can even be broken by hand.
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