Main Causes Of Obesity In World

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  1. Obesity is commonly caused by stress, depression, and anxiety in individuals. To treat this type of obesity people, need to first treat their depression and after proper treatment they can notice a difference in their obesity.

    Obesity usually occurs during menopause in women and hormonal imbalance in men. The best way to treat this obesity is to reduce movement and sit for long periods of time. Obesity is also found in women during pregnancy and in people who have swollen legs. The best treatment for this obesity is to do various exercises, such as running, walking, and climbing stairs.

    A sudden increase in body mass index or BMI makes people gain weight. Body mass index or BMI determines the appropriate amount of fat in the body. For reference, a BMI between 18-24.9 is considered normal, while a BMI higher than this is considered overweight. The best treatment for obesity is sibutramine 10mg Pills , which all interested consumers can easily buy from Pharma Health online.

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